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As a member of the Coins Teller, you will enjoy the ease and efficiency of a single sign up service with accessibility to a multitude of online stores and entertainment venues.

Once you sign up as a member, essentially, Coins Teller will act as an online wallet, storing your personal information (e.g. name and address) and forwarding it to only those merchants that you would like to make purchases. Coins Teller will then obtain the credit card authorization and pass it along to your desired merchant. Note that your personal information will be stored in the secure Coins Teller servers and we will not forward any information to 3rd parties without your permission (please see the section Privacy Statement).

Should they desire, members can provide more detailed information regarding their personal product preferences so that Coins Teller will be able to create customized product solutions. With this function, customers will not have to search extensively for what they desire but will be presented with a list of personalized product and service options at the point of logging into the Coins Teller member system.
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